Thursday, February 22, 2018

Haunted Places in India-Real Ghost Stories

We Indians have grown listening to mysterious tales of Panchatantra. But have you ever experienced any paranormal activities in your surrounding or listened to real ghost story from someone in your village? I know every time when we discuss it, it gives us nightmares and goose bumps. However, In spite of this creepy feeling, we do not resist ourselves pulling toward such stories and want to know about them more and more.

Today we’re here to tell you about the sneakiest and haunted places in India which are associated with some real ghost stories.

Tunnel No 33 Barog, Himachal Pradesh

No one would have ever thought that a tunnel, which passes one of the most popular mountain trains in India, could be so frightening. Barog is the longest tunnel on the Shimla-Kalka Railway route. According to a story, a British engineer colonel named Barog was appointed for the constructing of this tunnel but unfortunately he could not complete it due to his incorrect judgment and two ends of the tunnel did not meet. Therefore, he was fined with Rs 1. Embarrassed Barog committed suicide.  According to locals, Barog spirit still haunts the place and numerous people have witnessed paranormal activities here. As a result, it is considered one of the most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh, India. The grave of architect Barog is almost 3 km from the actual Barog Railway Station. Read the complete story about Shimla Tunnel No. 33.


Khooni Nadi (River of Blood)Rohini, Delhi

haunted places in india

It is Delhi’s most haunted place, which falls in Rohini sector of New Delhi. According to people, anyone who goes near to this river is gulped by the water. Many incidents associated with this river have become the talk of the town. In past few years, many dead bodies have been found here. Even many paranormal investigators have confirmed paranormal activities here.

Writer’s Building Kolkata

Today, it is the secretariat of West Bengal government yet paranormal activities are still going on. No one dares to go here after sunset. There are numerous empty rooms in this building and are haunted from decades. Many people and workers have notice disappearing acts of woman here. Even some politician has noticed and felt some paranormal activities here.

Tower of Silence, Mumbai

Tower of Silence is another most popular haunted place in India situated in Malabar hills. In actual, it is allied with the Parsi ritual of leaving the body after death in open for birds to feed on. They believe that earth and fire are polluted by a dead body. Therefore, they keep dead bodies on these towers of silence. According to locals, many hairs raising paranormal activities are witnessed here at the tower. No one ventures to enter this site after dark.


Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Rajasthan

Once the residence of the princely family of Kota, now Brij Raj Bhavan is considered one of the most haunted places in India. Though it has been converted into a heritage hotel, yet few paranormal activities have been felt here. However, the ghost does not harm anybody as per the reports. According to people, it is the spirit of Major Burton, who was killed along with his two sons in 1857 by Indian sepoys.  

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