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Thalisain, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Thalisain Town
Thalisain is one of the well known towns in the Indian State Uttarakhand, sited on the bank of the river, called Purvi Nayar. It comes under the Jurisdictions of Pauri Garhwal District and also served as Tehsil block headquarters for near by areas. It is situated at the altitude of 1700 meters from the sea level. Thalisain town is encircled with beautiful valleys and forest of pine, rhododendrons and Himalayan Oak. The town has couple of banks, schools, a public hospital, a degree college, Tehsil court, I.T.I and many good shops and hotels.

Fast Facts Thalisain
State                            Uttarakhand
District                        Pauri Garhwal
Pin Code                      246285
Telephone Code          01348
Best Time to Visit        All the months of the year (avoid rainy season)

Thalisain Bazaar Video

History of Thalisain
Thalisain view from kainyur Village
The history the Thalisain dates back to the period of British Rule over the India. It is also among the Colonial towns in India, as few quarters made by British are still in the town. In previous time, the town was called "Thalyu" by locals, later changed into Thalisain by British. Inhabitants of Kainyur, a village near to the town had fields in Thalyu; farmers working in the fields were served by a small tea shop, and gradually place converted into the big market. Later on, British came over the place during their empire over the India and it converted into the town.

Places to see in Thalisain

Thalisain Block Field: It is a small field in the area which generally used fro public programs such as Uttarakhandi cultural programs, and other public programs organized by the local government.
Manusian: It is an area in Thalisain having public quarters. Manusian is considered as haunted place as earlier, it was a Hindu buried place, on which today many government quarters have been built. People residing in the houses have confirmed many paranormal activities in the area since these quarters are haunted. Manusian is one of the haunted places in India which is not explored yet.

Local Market: There are many small shops in the area offering food, stationery, liquor and other daily used items. The market is the main attractions of the place which is also the main market for near by villages such as Kainyur, Bagwari, Ainthi, Kunaith , Kaproli, Rouli, Byashi, Saundar etc. The market of the Thalisain is generally called as Thalisain Bazaar.

Sacred Places in Nearby Areas
Thalisain Degree College
Thalisain has many oldest temples in nearby areas which have prominent place in the Hindu Mythology some of them are Bindeshwar Mahadev, Hasheshwar Mahadev (hashuriMahadev), Byasi river temple, Tarakund Dhaijuli etc.

How to Reach Thalisain
Thalisain is easily accessible by the medium of road as it is well connected with many prominent cities of India such as Delhi, Kashipur, Moradabad, Kotdwar, Ramnagar etc. It is about 70 Km from the district Pauri Garhwal. Thalisain can be reached from Delhi by following National Highway 24.


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