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6 Most Popular Beaches in Goa You Must Visit with Your Friends and Family

Beaches have always been a vital part of Goa tourism, as we never can imagine Goa without beaches. Goa is a small state in India which falls in the Western part of India. Panaji is the capital of Goa; and Vasco da Gama is the largest city in Goa, which is dedicated to Vasco da Gama, an explorer from Portugal. Goa is considered the most visited place in India catches large number national and international tourists every season. Casinos, churches, street food, resorts, and beaches are few major things which make Goa different from rest of India. Besides this, the Goa is also notable for its heritage, architecture, sea life, and its culture and music.
Beaches in India Goa
Goa Beach

Beaches in Goa 

Beaches in Goa are the best beaches in India. There are many beaches in Goa some of them are popular and few are still unexplored.

Anjuna Beach:
It is beautiful beach named after a small village, Anjuna which is established on the banks of this beach. The beach is popular for its hotels, markets and trance parties. It also has a flea market which is placed every Wednesday and is quite popular for jewellery, clothes, and gadgets. A typical Shack hotel has also built at a beach which attracts all the eyes 

Palolem Beach:
It is another popular beach in Goa which is situated in Canacona. The beach is located adjacent to the Chaudi marketplace which falls in South Goa. It is the best tourist destinations in Goa, attracts thousands of people every day. Apart from this, it is considered an ideal place for fishing and other beach activities. Sunset at Palolem beach is one of best parts of this beach.  

Chapora Beach: 
Chapora is a white sand beach which is located at just 24 KM drive from North Panaji. It is also known for its black lava rocks and silence which remains prevailed in the atmosphere here. There are few good restaurants near the beach serving multi -cuisine food.  

Candolim Beach: 
It is located at the distance of 13 Km from North of Panaji. The beach is popularly known for its Aguada fort and is also the longest beaches in Goa. Sunburn festival is also celebrated every year on the beach.

Vagator Beach:
Vagator beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India surrounded by beautiful coconut trees. It is  white sand beach regarded as ideal place for sunbath, swimming, and other water activities

Baga Beach: 
Baga Beach is the worthiest beach to be mentioned as it is a popular beach in Goa for parties, shacks, and music and water sports. It is an exquisite beach in India serving tourist with good food and accommodation. Dona Paula: It is most popular beaches in Goa, praised for water sports. It is located at the distance of 6 Km from South Panaji, known for its rocky shores and harbour.  

Bangmalo Beach:
Bangmalo Beach is another popular beach in Goa which is located just 14 Km drive from South Panaji. The beach is surrounded with clear seawater and is the best place for swimming in Goa. It is also the training camp for the Institute of diving. There are few small handicrafts shops around the beach which earn a decent crowd here.


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