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Loktak Lake Places to Visit in North East India

Tourist Places in North East India
Loktak Lake, Manipur
Whenever we talk or discuss about the tourism in India, we don’t give attention toward tourist places of North East India as most of tourist places in North East are either less popular or not explored yet. Today, we are going to make you familiar with one of tourist places in North East India which is not very popular but has strong stand among the tourist places in Manipur and rest North East region of India. Loktak Lake, sometime also cited as only Floating Lake of India is an exquisite fresh water lake in Indian state of Manipur. The lake has floating vegetation which called Phumdi in local language which makes lake   seems like floating. The major water source of the lake is Manipur River and other small streams. It is the largest lake in Manipur located adjacent to Moriang. The lake welcomes thousands of local visitors and few others every year.

Facts of Loktak Lake
Catchment Area           980 Km2Depth  (  4.6 meter (15.1ft)
Catchment Area           980Km2
Surface                         768.5m (2,521feet)

Floating vegetation at Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake Tourism
Loktak Lake plays vital role to promote tourism in Manipur as it the prominent tourist place in Manipur attracts people across the country. The lake has been sustaining Eco system of the area since it is a home of rich biodiversity. Loktak Lake is abode for more than 233 different species of aquatic and floating water plants.. Being the largest wetland in the region, the lake offers home to 14 different species of the birds and 425 species of animals. The lake is popularly known for its islands which compel tourists to come again and again to place. Thanga, Ithing, Phumshongs are few popular islands at Loktak Lake. There is also water sports complex adjacent to Loktak Lake which organizes boating and water sports events time to time. November to March is considered the ideal time to visit the lake. 

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island

 Sendra is a small island in the mid of lake houses a tourist house; called Sendra Tourist house the island has also the facility of eating as small cafeteria is attached with it. From the roof of tourist house, tourists can have view of beautiful other small islands and floating weeds. To give the island pleasant look colorful flowers have also been planted over the island.

How to Reach Loktak Lake Manipur

Map of Loktak Lake
By Road:
Loktak Lake is located at the distance of 39 KM from Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Local transport and private taxi cabs are easily available
By Air:
The nearest airport to the places is Imphal Airport which is connected with various domestic and international airport of India.