Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kashmir Places to Visit in India

There is no word to characterize the beauty of Kashmir; snow capped valleys, colorful shikaras (a long wooden boat) at Dal Lake; hill stations and historical Mughal gardens are the few things which make Kashmir one of the most preferred places to visit in India. To see Kashmir’s beauty the Mughal emperor, Jahangir once wrote: “Agar firdaus bar rue zamin ast hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast!” which means if there be paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here. Kashmir is the part of Indian administered State: Jammu and Kashmir, and is one of the three major administrative divisions in Jammu and Kashmir. One can know more about Kashmir from the travel book of Author Sir Walter Roper Lawrence who visited almost every part of the Kashmir.

Places to visit in India
Kashmir Weather: Most of the time, Kashmir remains cold because of its geographical factors as it is surrounded with Himalayan ranges. In spring and autumn it is mild cold, very few days it remains little hot in month of July, and with the coming of winter it reaches minimum temperature to 0 and below this point.

Shopping in Kashmir

Kashmir is always been praised for its beautiful handicrafts and wooden work which is considered the best handicraft in India. One can have glimpse of Kashmir’s culture, tradition, nature, dignity and beauty in its handicrafts; Kashmiri pashmina shawls are world famous for fibers and pure wool. Pashmina Shahtoos are two popular ring shawl one cannot refute purchasing. Kashmiri Wood work is quite famous among the foreign tourists; most of the wood items are made of Walnut and Chinar trees, which are easily available in the reason. In addition to handicraft, Kashmir Silk is also famous not only in India but also around the world; hand woven carpets on which beautiful art work is done can surely win anyone’s heart. Shawls, wood work, silverware, papier Mache and silk are the few things which allows tourist to enjoy best shopping in Kashmir.
Handicraft in Kashmir
Shopping in Kashmir

Tourism in Kashmir

Tourism plays vital role in the overall economy of the states as it is among the popular hill stations in India visited by both domestic and foreign tourists as there are many popular Places to visit in Kashmir
Tulip Garden: It is among the largest tulip gardens in the world located adjacent to Dal Lake. This garden was opened in 2009, and has emerged as best tourist destination in Kashmir. The garden is worth to see during the spring season when all its tulips bloom and give an eye pleasing view.

Amarnath Pahalgam: It is one of the most prestigious Hindu pilgrim sites in India. Pahalgam is the beautiful village of Shepherds from where one have to travel by own foot to Amarnath shrine. Though horse riding is available to Amarnath yet most of the people visit the place by feet.  

Gulmarg: Gulmarg which means the meadow of flowers is located at the distance of 55 kilometers for the city centre. It is among the most popular places to visit in India as it is considered the best skiing destinations in India. Gulmarg has one of the highest Asian Ski slopes. It is also a beautiful hill station in Jammu Kashmir which is known for snowfall and cable car which operates from Gulmarg to the Apharwat Peak.  It is the highest Gondola in the world having approximately height of 13.400 feet.
Kokernag: It is the scenic spring garden comes under the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. This beautiful garden is encircled with eye pleasing lush green pine trees; at the end of garden there is a stream which gives the garden an exotic appearance.

Badamvaer: It is other beautiful garden in the Kashmir. It is an almond blossoms garden which is setup at the foot of Hari Parbat fort, also known as Koh I Maran. This fort was founded by great Mughal emperor Akbar in 1597. Almond trees are planted in whole garden which are quite famous all over the India.
 Shalimar Garden: It is the beautiful Mughal Garden having lots of fountains. The garden has 400 old Chinar trees which are believed to 400 years old. This garden was setup by Mughal Emperor Jehangeer which was then known as Harwan Garden.

Food of Kashmir or Kashmiri Food

Majorly non vegetarian food is preffered in the Kashmir. Wazwaan is woth to discuss when we are talking about the kashmiri food. Wazwaan also referred to as royal cuisine of Kashmir. It is banquet of thirty six courses which can extend up-to sixty courses maximum.  Variety of spicy meat dishes are added in Wazwaan which is served with traditional rice cooked by professionals called ‘Wazas’.  It is majorly served in Kashmiri marriages. In addition to this, Dum Aloo, Chaman, Gushtaba, chilli Flavoured Rishta and Roganjosh are few famous dishes of the Kashmir.

How to Reach Kashmir

By Air: Srinagar Airport is the nearest airport to Kashmir which is an international airport and well connected to rest India through domestic airlines. Few international airlines are also being operated from the airport

By Train: Jammu Railway Station is the closest railway station which is well connected to many major cities in India through many commuter train network.

By Road: Kashmir is accessible through roads from its all near by cities like Jammu, New Delhi etc. Many state transport buses are operated from Delhi to direct Kashmir. One also can hire taxi or private cab to there from Delhi.